Services That Bring Value To Your Money.

Our Firm Offers the Following Core Services

  1. Tax Planning

    Get the most out of tax season and let us help you ensure that your tax liabilities are minimized.

  2. Tax Preparation

    Whether you’re an individual, corporation, partnership or trust, we can help you prepare your taxes. We prepare computerized tax preparation services and can prepare all your tax compliance requirements, including T4 slips, T5 slips, T3 slips, T2 corporation income tax return, and T1 individual tax returns.

  3. Business Start-up Consulting

    Start your business on the right foot by letting us help you optimize your organizational structure (proprietorship, partnership, or corporation) for your business. As well, we’ll prepare financial plans for obtaining financial assistance from banking institutions and setting up accounting systems and processes for record keeping and tax requirements.

  4. Incorporation

    Realize the potential of your business with the right kind of shareholder structures. We ensure tax efficiencies through our incorporation services, including appropriate articles of incorporation, bylaws, shareholder and director resolutions, share certificates, and complete minute book preparation.

  5. Financial Statement Preparation

    Where is your company the most profitable and effective? In examining your financial reporting processes, we can identify the areas of your business to improve your efficiency. We provide financial reporting for both review and compilation engagements.

    We provide financial reporting on the following levels:

    • Review Engagements: Includes analytical procedures, enquiry, and discussion to provide limited assurance on the financial statements of the company. These engagements are typically required when external users need limited assurance on the financial statements.
    • Compilation Engagements: Financial statements prepared primarily for internal and tax compliance use.
  6. Additional Services

    Beyond taxes and financial planning, we can also help you with the following services:

    • Advising on purchase and sale of a business.
    • Business succession planning.
    • Cash flow and budgeting analysis.
    • Financial forecasts and projections.

    Please contact us if you would like to enquire about other possible services that we may offer in addition to those listed.