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Tax Planning & Preparation

Our firm sees the big picture when it comes to income tax planning and preparation. Any accounting firm can assist with filing during tax season, but as tax planning and preparation specialists we can deliver minimization and deferral strategies unique to your personal and corporate tax picture.

Financial Statements

Financial statements deliver pertinent information regarding your business’s overall well-being. Our professional eye on your accounts can reveal important insight which will help to increase the profitability and effectiveness of your company.  


Knowing if you are ready to incorporate can be a challenging decision. Because of this, we’re here to help you make an informed choice. Our incorporation services are thorough and include all of the necessary documentation to get you going in the right direction.

Bookkeeping Services

Effective corporate accounting is made easier with well attended bookkeeping and payroll. We can teach you how to set up and execute these cycles yourself, or take care of them for you so that you can focus on what matters most to you — your business.

Business Start-Ups

Starting a business requires a solid foundation. Let us show you how to optimize your organizational structure, establish the best accounting systems, understand tax requirements, and develop superb processes for record keeping.

Business Succession

Selling or transferring a business can feel like a daunting task, so we specialize in breaking the process down to make it more approachable. As a result, we will assist with the paperwork and provide you with experienced guidance throughout.

Tax Planning & Preperation

Year Round Compliance and Planning

Tax filing is inevitable for all types of entities. Knowing it’s coming doesn’t make it any easier, but with the help of our Calgary tax professionals, we can guide you through the process each year and taking the weight off your shoulders. Whether you’re an individual, corporation, partnership or trust, we excel in business and personal tax planning, preparation and compliance.

What sets us apart from other tax accountants in Calgary is our dedication to helping you get the most from your tax filings at every angle. Kapasi & Associates’ team of small business accountants and personal accountants are always available to answer questions and deliver sound advice year-round, not just during tax season.

Our Calgary accounting firm views taxes from a holistic perspective, without billing you for every minute detail. Because of this we critically analyze your short and long-term goals, personal family circumstances and unique shareholder arrangements to deliver a strategic tax and financial planning blueprint best suited to your business needs. With the right procedures in place, tax season is a breeze and your tax liabilities are carefully managed.

We prepare the tax compliance and provide consulting on:

  • Personal tax returns
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Partnership and trust tax returns
  • T4 and T5 slips based on tax planning considerations
  • GST/HST, PST, and other indirect tax requirements
  • CRA clearance certificate applications, tax waivers and elections, and non-resident tax filings
  • Tax reorganizations, including amalgamations, windups and mergers and acquisitions

Financial Statements

Compilation (NTR) & Review Engagements

When you are deeply involved in your business, it can be hard to see the forest through the trees. As a result, there are often many decisions to make, pulling your attention in multiple directions. Because of this, it can sometimes be a challenge to stay on top of everything. That’s why hiring a professional accounting firm can help keep you on track and save you from costly mistakes down the road.

So, when it comes to putting together the correct financial statements for year-end requirements, financing, or business succession, an objective and experienced eye makes a big difference. Whether you’re running a small business, a home-based business or are self-employed in any other way, we understand business financial reporting and can help you navigate through it. Improving the efficiency and profitability of your business is any entrepreneur’s goal, and our chartered professional accountants in downtown Calgary are suited to assist you in achieving that.

We provide comprehensive financial reporting for both review and compilation engagements.

We can support you with the following:

  • Compilation (NTR) provided as part of year-end process
  • Assurance engagements (review) to satisfy third party requirements
  • Year round availability for inquiry
  • Proactive advice to optimize accounting practices
  • Recommendations to maximize deductions and tax credits


Full Service Incorporation Solutions

As a business owner the question of ‘is it time to incorporate,’ or ‘how can I incorporate my small business’ will inevitably come up. Incorporating comes with many considerations, advantages and disadvantages and may or may not be an optimal choice for your specific needs.

Because there are so many things to consider before incorporating your business, having a team or business planning professionals at your side helps you make an informed decision. Our Calgary-based Chartered Professional Accountants will spend the time learning your small business and its needs and help you make an informed decision.

If you decide incorporation is right for your business, we have shareholder structures that can help you avoid future headaches. Our business planning and incorporation structures will help set you up on the correct path to incorporating your business while teaching you what you need to know for growth. As a result, our Calgary incorporation services are thorough and geared towards ensuring your articles allow for reorganization and corporate structure changes with ease.

We will provide you with the following:

  • Articles of incorporation and corporate bylaws
  • Shareholder and director resolutions
  • Corporate minute book
  • Advice and direction to get started on your business

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Options

Payroll and bookkeeping are essential components to the day-to-day operations of nearly any successful business. Let’s face it, as a business owner you have many demands pulling you in different directions. It can be easy to let things like your financial records slide as you focus on the more pressing day-to-day tasks. We get it and that’s why we offer professional bookkeeping services in Calgary to take some of that burden off your shoulders. With our bookkeeping software and other business planning strategies we can take care of the numbers while you take care of your business.

There are multiple benefits to letting bookkeeping and accounting professionals take care of things for you. With the right help, you never risk falling behind on your financial statements again. You can also rest assured knowing that matters are being handled correctly at the end of the day. Because of these systems, tax planning, tax preparation and corporate year-end filings commence smoothly and efficiently.

Alternatively, many small business owners wish to take these matters into their own hands. Our firm can also provide any necessary support so you can maintain and grow these aspects of your business on your own terms. Additionally, our experienced team of accountants will guide you in setting up efficiently tailored systems. Our capabilities with bookkeeping software cloud-based solutions like Quickbooks Online, Xero, and Wave Accounting keeps you at the forefront when it comes to your payroll and bookkeeping requirements.

We provide the following services:

  • Bookkeeping on a quarterly or annual basis
  • Quickbooks Online, Xero, and Wave Accounting set up and review options for cloud-based solutions
  • Advice and support if you wish to manage your bookkeeping and payroll requirements yourself

Business Start-Ups

Relationships Built on Trust and Expertise

Starting a business is an exciting endeavour, but sometimes the finer accounting and financial details can seem overwhelming. Our accounting firm is well versed in helping businesses find their feet.

We’ll go over all the financial details with you from business startup costs to planning for tax season. Small business accounting requires attention to detail, especially when you are first opening up shop. Keeping an eye on your cash flow can be the difference between making it or breaking it. That’s why it’s important to have the right team of accountants and tax preparation specialists at your side from the get-go.

Our business accountants will help you develop systems and practices best suited to your needs. We offer business start-up choices that can help you figure out payroll services, prepare for tax season and discuss bookkeeping solutions, including could-based software options.

Knowing the inner workings of your start-up will lay a foundation for intelligent business ownership. Kapasi & Associates will help you understand the process of record keeping and tax filing requirements, while guiding you in developing the financial plans and cash flow projections that will aid you in obtaining financing.

We can guide you with the following areas:

  • Setting up your organizational structure
  • Financial plans and cash flow projections
  • Accounting best practices and systems

Business Succession

Sales and Transfers of Your Business

Eventually every business owner will need to create a succession plan. However, planning for business succession involves many moving parts, so it helps to speak with professionals who have experience. Over the life of our firm we have helped a variety of different businesses with their succession planning, so we are confident in our ability to help you prepare.

Succession planning involves working out the details for the logistical and financial details of who will take over your business when the time comes. Options include selling to a co-owner, passing it on to a heir, selling to an employee, selling to a third party, or winding down the company.

Additionally, our in-house tax specialists are equipped to advise you on selling assets or shares and managing tax pools and losses. We can help you realize the best tax planning tools to minimize or defer taxes. You can rest assured that our business tax specialists and accountants will be available to guide you every step of the way. For more simple wind-ups and dissolution of corporations, our corporate accountants can assist in determining the best way to distribute assets on a tax efficient basis.

We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Wind-ups, amalgamations, and restructuring for sale of a business
  • Employee buy-ins and owner buy-outs
  • Inter-generational transfers to family members
  • Marital breakdown planning and divesting of assets

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