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Part of what makes our firm unique is our ability to work with, and adapt to, a wide range of client needs. Whether you’re looking for help with personal tax, corporate accounting or a range of services, we are versed in customizing  our processes to serve everyone.

Our CPA’s serve everyone from home-based and self-employed business owners to larger corporations with operations across Canada. Our tax specialists provide both corporate accounting and individual tax planning.

Over our three decades in operation, Kapasi & Associates has developed a bank of experience working with individuals and businesses from a diversity of sectors. Once a small operation ourselves, we have grown into a robust and adaptable firm thanks to this foundation of experience.

As a result, it was within our own growth that we came to understand the growing pains, and pleasures, behind expanding a business. Hence why we now have the fortune of passing on our earned understanding to our clients, helping businesses, and the people behind them, reach their true potential.

As a Calgary-based accounting business, we understand the needs of engineering, business, and project professionals inside and out.  Our experience in this sector makes us well suited to help your business start-up.

Our Chartered Professional Accountants will help you properly maintain records and accounts. From smaller one-person operations, to larger firms and partnership entities, we make it easy and efficient for you to complete your filings and minimize tax liabilities where possible. Additionally, by utilizing our experience setting up professionals in this sector, we can also help set you up for convenient success.  

Information technology is a fast growing industry which requires adaptable accounting.  Entering into this industry is often done so with an objective to grow rapidly and evolve to suit an ever-expanding landscape.  

We can help you meet those goals. With our cloud-based solutions to your unique accounting needs, our firm is suited to set you up in a way that is individualistic to your unique requirements while maximizing your potential.  

Establishing a medical practice involves an intricate layer of accounting know-how. Which is why we work directly with Alberta medical colleges to set up professional corporations for all medical professional types. Regardless of the type or number of associates practicing within your clinic, the experts at our firm can guide you into setting up best billing practices, bookkeeping measures, and tax planning considerations that suit your specific needs and optimize your tax position.

You create the infrastructure that provides people with places to live and work, so managing the finer accounting details need to be convenient and thorough.  We understand the various mechanisms behind the acquiring and disposing of property, handling the financial aspects of subcontractors, and conducting the accounting process through a construction project.  Whatever your needs, as a realtor, developer, or contractor, we have you covered.  

Whether you are in a brick and mortar shop, or you do all of your business online, we understand the complexity involved in managing retail and hospitality businesses. Our cloud-based solutions and experienced guidance will keep you organized and optimized from that first point of sale interaction right up to multiple location expansions.  


Tax Planning & Preparation

Our Calgary accounting firm sees the big picture when it comes to income tax. Any accounting firm can assist you in filing during tax season, but as tax planning and preparation specialists we deliver minimization and deferral strategies unique to your personal and corporate tax picture.

Financial Statements

Financial statements deliver pertinent information regarding your business’s overall well-being.  With our professional eye on your accounts we can reveal important insights which will help to increase the profitability and effectiveness of your company.


Knowing if you are ready to incorporate can be a challenging decision.  We can help you make an informed choice.  Kapasi & Associates' incorporation services are thorough and include all of the necessary documentation to get you going in the right direction.

Bookkeeping Services

Effective corporate accounting is made easier with well attended bookkeeping and payroll. We can teach you how to set up and execute these cycles yourself, or take care of them for you so that you can focus on what matters most to you.

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